We have a dedicated team to manage all licensing matters from securing a liquor licence (and handling objections to licensing applications) to decisions on employment and training of staff. We can even assist with the preparation of a Plan of Management.

Obtaining a liquor licence in South Australia can be difficult and complicated. Fletcher & Lawson can provide the answers and assistance that are required to successfully transfer an existing liquor licence to your new company or what is required to obtain a new liquor licence.

Our focus on the client’s needs, together with our extensive legal and business experience, ensure that we provide a commonsense and practical approach to legal issues.

We are a small firm but we enjoy a unique position in South Australia with our in-depth understanding of Liquor Licensing legislation and regulations, and associated legislation (e.g. the Local Government Act; Development Act; Gaming Machines Act).

Our team has considerable experience in relation to every aspect of the liquor licensing system and an in-depth knowledge of how the Liquor Licensing Act operates in practice.

The Office of the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner is responsible for administering the Liquor Licensing Act which regulates and controls the sale, supply and consumption of liquor for the benefit of related industries and the South Australian public.

If you are already involved in the hospitality industry, you would be aware of the many legal issues surrounding liquor licensing and the possible pitfalls involved. We can help.

In summary, we have the expertise to advise and guide you through the licensing process including:

  • Representation in the Licensing Court and before the Commissioner
  • Advice regarding types of licence
  • Advice regarding applications and assistance with the application process or objecting to someone else’s application
  • Advice regarding requirements of licence
  • Policy and procedure drafting for licensed businesses
  • Preparation of a Plan of Management
  • Code of Practice
  • What action to take if there are objections to securing a licence
  • Breaches of licence and resultant disciplinary action or prosecution
  • Staff and planning issues
  • Noise complaints
  • Responsible person applications

Fletcher & Lawson will help you through the maze and work in partnership with you to protect your valuable asset... your licence.